Case Studies

Albstadt, Germany

First pilot provided in Albstadt, Germany

Mitrovica, Kosovo

First pilot provided in Mitrovica, Kosovo

Apa Nova

First pilot supplied to water utility Apa Nova in Bucharest, Romania

Tshwane – South Africa

Utilis’ first pilot in the African Continent, City of Tshwane, South Africa



Raja – Constanta, Romania

May 2017

Utilis supplied the first service delivery for Raja SC.


RAJA – Constanta, Romania

August 2016
Total Locations Detected – 47
Minimum Water Savings -225,000 cbm


March 2016
Total Locations investigated – 88
Total leaks detected – 34
Total days on the ground – 10

HERA GROUP – Ferrara, Italy

June 2016
Leak detection from space on Hera’s 27,000 Km of water networks.


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