Leaks can be detected
from space

Utilis identifies fresh water leaks
by analyzing satellite imagery

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About Us

Around the world, 46 billion liters of treated water are lost every day.

Although non-revenue-water problem is important, solving it is limited by today’s leak detection technologies. These technologies are limited: they require expensive labor and hardware – even when the systems are software-based. At some point, and despite the waste of water, utilities can’t make widespread use of current leak detection technologies, since they don’t make economic sense.

Enter Utilis.

Using technology that is used to look for water on other planets, Utilis analyzes satellite imagery to detect leaks and non-revenue-water. The result? Leak detection that covers thousands of square kilometers at once. The leaks are displayed in user friendly GIS reports including street locations, with great accuracy, saving significant labor associated with finding leaks with current methods.

Utilis uses aerial imaging –

taken from satellite mounted sensors – to spot leakage in underground distribution pipes. The raw imagery is then overlaid on GIS systems and is processed by Utilis’ unique algorithms. The Utilis algorithm detects treated water, by looking for a particular spectral “signature” typical to drinking water. Eventually, the user is presented with a leakage graphic report overlaid on a map with streets and pipes.

How our technology works

Satellite Image Acquisition
Raw satellite images of the area are acquired.
Radiometric Corrections
Utilis takes the raw data and prepares it for analysis, by filtering bounces from buildings and other manmade objects, vegetation hydrologic objects, and more.
Algorithmic Analysis
Utilis uses advanced algorithmic analysis to track the spectral “signature” of potable water in the ground.
Web based app and intuitive UI
The leaks are displayed in user friendly GIS reports including street locations.


The Utilis service is provided periodically, on a monthly, quarterly or half-year basis;

at the beginning of each period, Utilis presents a graphic and/or tabular Leakage Report containing location and estimated size of suspected leaks. The information is displayed on top Google Maps or Google Satellite layer.

Utilis periodic Leakage Reports benefits include: early leaks detection and repairs verification, that significantly contribute to NRW reduction.
Repetitive update of the leakage reports improve accuracy of findings, thus enabling composition of more efficient operational work-plans.


Advisory Board

Prof. Dan Blumberg
Head of the Earth and Planetary Image Facility

Image Facility, a remote sensing research laboratory. Prof. Blumberg is a member of the advisory committee through BGN Technologies.

Prof. Blumberg has published numerous papers in the field of remote sensing, image processing, and target detection.

Management Team

Elly Perets
20 years of experience in Executive Management, Enterprise Software Sales, Marketing, Business Development and OEM.
Lauren Guy
CTO and co-founder
8 years of experience in scientific research and development BS.C in Geomorphology & Remote sensing. Microwave sensing in other planets (predominantly Venus and Mars) MS.C in geophysics (Hydrology, Radiation Transfers in the atmosphere).
Eddy Segal
VP Sales
15 year of experience as sales executive in international markets of which 5 years in the area of Leak Detection and efficiency improvement for Water Utilities worldwide.
James Perry
Director, Business Development
16+ years experience working in all functions within fortune 10 company, and 10+ years in mid to small businesses managing strategic planning, focused on new markets worldwide.

Contact Us

Utilis Israel Ltd.

23 HaMelacha St.,

P.O. Box 11396
Park Afeq Rosh Ha’ayin 4809175
USA Phone Number: +1.408.216.8053
ISR Phone Number: +972.9.8866676
Fax: +972.9.8866006

Utilis Inc.

James Perry

16218 Avenida Venusto
Unit A
San Diego, CA 92128
Mobile: +1-858-382-7066

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